I’ve organized some of my better photos into groups based on subject.  Hope you enjoy.

I find pictures of wildlife to be some of the most interesting.  Especially if you can capture them at a unique moment.  Recently I had this opportunity with a flock of Pelican’s with a few I really liked how they came out.

Landscapes is a medium I need a lot of work on.  Thus far it’s been mostly beaches I’ve tried to photograph with mixed results.

Here you will find pictures with, well people in them.  Along with some of our 4 legged friends because they are family.  

I’ve always had an admiration for the stars.  I’m not equipped to do much with this category but will continue to play because space just fascinates me.

My proverbial photo junk drawer.  Here are pictures that are “just because” or trying something new and I like how they turned out.  Have you ever tried catching sea shells as they fall from the sky?