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Wildlife - I\'ve been focused on wildlife layout, mostly birds. Was able to photograph a number of Pelicans on a recent camping trip. Some shots I really liked as a result.
Image 2
Landscapes - Landscapes is a medium I need a lot of work on. Thus far it’s been mostly beaches I’ve tried to photograph with mixed results. Been trying to get out hiking as well to generate some photo opportunities.
Image 3
People - Here is where I\'m capturing photos of the people in my life. Mostly action/activity based.
Image 4
Who can forget our 4 legged friends!
Image 5
Astrophotography - I’ve always had an admiration for the stars. I’m not equipped to do much with this category but will continue to play because space just fascinates me.


Welcome to my attempt at photography.  As someone who enjoys many hobbies, photography has been one I work with on and off.  I’m now reinvigorated by revamping my equipment.

It all started with some new accessories like a new smaller bag, much lighter and more versatile tripod and a couple other small accessories.  All assuming I would take my camera with me more often.  What it turned into though was upgrading my Canon EOS 40D to a new Canon EOS R mirrorless full frame.  Which, by the way, has been amazing.  But it didn’t end there…

After missing an opportunity for dolphin pictures I convinced my wife to purchase a new telephoto lens.  The result?  Sigma 150mm-600mm contemporary.  On a resent camping trip prior to Christmas I was able to truly use it for the first time with a flock of pelican’s hanging out near by on the intercoastal waterway.

So I hope you enjoy some of my photos and my journey improving my skills.